What is Social Networking?

In a nutshell, social media is a means to collect names and emails in an effort to draw that audience to a website.  The concept of social media is turning out to be more important than even SEO. I have people who disagree with me and that’s okay.

I’m not going to argue against the value of SEO because it most certainly is important. However, being on top of the search engine causes the these problems:

1. You are advertising your competitors: When a person types in specific search terms they will get a list of websites, yours and others! A prospect may not automatically click on the first listing. They will look at the description line and then make the decision to click.

2. Offers very little information: Here is where the description tag comes in very handy and can set it apart from the other websites. Otherwise, you become a commercial in the midst of a DVR fast forward. People will miss your message.

3. Does not guarantee a click through: I know people who’s website is on top of the search engine but no business. Why? Because there is no connection established between the viewer and the owner of the website.

Audience building aims to solve this issue. Connection is the key to business.  God made us to interact with each other.  The beauty of social media is that it brings that connection between you and the prospect before entering your site.

Here are some ideas:

1. Create a Name / Email collection form on the top portion of your website.
They say in real estate that the value of a home is location, location, and location.
Well the value of a website is database, database, and database. The more people coming into your website, the more value it retains. Facebook is worth well over $60 billion with its 750 million participants.

2. Establish a presence on all the Social Media websites and take part in the action.
Well we all know about the Facebook and Twitter, but people are not aware of the some 500 other social media websites such as Friendster, Bebo, and let’s still not forget MySpace.
Establish a presence in them and communicate your company news and products.  Have a Facebook fan box on your website and blog. Watch the audience grow!

3. Blogging
Yes I know. A pain to do. But then again so is driving in traffic. Blogging is a terrific way to communicate the latest happenings of your business and educate the public about your area of expertise. This article was written by me to you. It shows that I am an expert in the field.
You don’t have to write a book or even a 1000 word article. Instead just write a paragraph and share it. Share your thoughts, your ideas, and let the world build upon. WordPress and Google’s Blogger are the two recommended blogs.

When you are done blogging, copy and paste them on to the social media websites.

4. Link Exchange
Exchange links is to share an audience. Create a small banner and ask another website to place it on there. If not an ad banner then a simple text link. In turn, you do the same.
Now your both share an audience as the websites offer publicity to each other.

5. Mobile Communication
This remains to be seen how big it grows, but it’s pretty big now. Hand held devices is now climbing to be the number one most utilized devise to view the web. Sending out text messages for those who accept them increases the likelihood that your message will be read.

6. Market Place Integration
Selling items on the website and relying solely on search engines is like having a mini-part in the desert. You need to inside a mall with the foot traffic. If you have a product to sell then you’ll want accounts on the major sites such as Amazon, PriceGrabber, and ShopZilla. It’s where the people ready to bring out their credit cards.

7. E-Newsletters
With a growing email list you’ll want to send out a newsletter once or twice a month. It’s a simple way of saying hello. In my newsletters I often add my educational piece along with a private message specific to my clients. Keep sending and hope for the best. Chances are your recipients will forward the email to a friend or colleague.

Happy Networking!

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