Social Media Summit – 11/15

On Tuesday, the KNX1070 News Radio sponsored the Social Media Summit at the Hollywood Palladium.

Attended by close to 200 people (mostly non-technical small business owners), it was a brilliant display of experts from around the technical industry, thoughtfully arranged by KNIX. Regardless of how much of an expert I think I am, there will always be room to learn more to benefit my own clients.

KNX created a fun environment with two screens of displaying live feeds of Tweets by the attendees.

Here are some points that I have learned:

  1. The whole purpose behind social media , like search engines, is to increase visitors to your website for whatever purpose be it sales, awareness, etc.
  2. To build an audience is to build a potential customer base. The platforms of social media include:
    1. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Tumbler
    2. Forums and Blogs
    3. Be aware that fastest use of the internet is coming by way of Mobile Apps or Mobile Optimized Web Sites.
      • Thirty-two (32%) of all mobile users utilize their devises for social media.
      • Forty-seven (45%) utilize their devises for games
      • The rest (27%) use it for news, entertainment, internet and email.

I have practically replaced my laptop with my iPhone for functions ranging from online banking to ordering pizza. Of course I love my apps!

The main message I got from the panels of experts is that social media is the fast growing trend in history. It’s the new Google Search and impacts Search Engines. Most social network age groups range from teenagers to early 30’s. However, the fastest growing populace is the 50 plus age group. With these facts businesses who are interested in keeping pace with these trends must integrate social media (for web and mobile web) into their marketing plans.

The recommended methods are:

  1. Start with ‘end’ in mind. Social media is the means to this ‘end’. It’s not just about attracting a general populace like the concept of search engines, but rather, a targeted populace more likely to have an interest in a specific business. In other words, instead of attracting an entire orchard of apples, focus on a few trees that bear the best fruit.
  2. Focus on what interest your audience. It’s the concept behind the franchise, ‘In and Out Burgers’ which focuses on their customers are most interested…hamburgers. Not shakes and not even their fries, but their burgers. The fries and shakes sell as a result.
  3. Communicate: The successful business always re-invents itself and adjusts to new trends.
    It is not always useful to pay attention what is being mentioned in the news which is often misleading. Rather, listen to your own audience. With Social Media, businesses can communicate with their audience, ask specific questions, and get answers.
  4. Lather, rinse, repeat: With communication and feedback available through social media, you can take action. If there are numerous complaints about something in your services, make changes. If numerous compliments, see you can do to make thing better. Then repeat the ‘ask and take action’ method over and over again.

Best techniques of Social Media

  1. Keep informing your clientele about your products and services. Tell them what is happening.
  2. If you are selling a new brand, communicate it. If you have a new service, communicate it. If you have a new product, communicate it.
  3. OFFER DEALS: The #1 reason why people associate with Twitter / Facebook are deals. Push out deals
  4. Deliver consistent messaging about your brand by doing it yourself or work with a local ad network.

Just remember the formula:
More “Likes” (FaceBook) + More “Tweets” (Twiiter)+Five Stars (Yelp,Merchant Circle) = Audience
Audience = SALES!

Jim Hague

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