How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

I get this question all the time…out of the blue. Funny, is that people actually expect an answer. Well, let’s talk about this. How does a website cost? The answer is always the same… it depends. It’s like asking, how much does a home in the United States cost. The answer is always the same…it depends.

Depends on what?

  1. What kind of home? A condo, single family unit, town home, a shack, bi-level, stucco?
  2. Where? By the ocean, in the forest, at the desert…. In addition, which state, California, New York, Tennessee, Montana…?
  3. How? Built from scratch or purchase as it.
  4. How complex? Do you want everything modern such as climate control between rooms, a rotating driveway, solar panels, or do you want no driveway, rock garden, a fireplace, and simplicity.

You get the gist? There are several variables in choosing a home.

There are several variable when deciding to embark up building a website.

  1. What it he purpose of the website? (1) Social Media (2) Promotional (3) Shopping Cart (4) blog
  2. If E-Commerce, how many products? Do you need security?
  3. What kind of hosting is necessary?
  4. Who is your target audience?
  5. How many pages?
  6. How many emails?
  7. Will you be collecting names and emails?
  8. Do you need SEO?
  9. Do you need a social media presence? If so which, Facebook (obvious), Twitter, Pinterest?

There there other variables to consider about the webmaster.

  1. A webmaster with 15 years experience will cost different that one with 5 years experience.
  2. A webmaster in California will cost different than one if say, Alabama.
  3. How soon do you need the site done?

To get the best quote and the best result is not get the cheapest price, but rather the most cost effective price. Cheap is not quality. Just because a webmaster may charge you $10/hour for their services may not result in a quality work. Why are they charging only $10/hr ?  On the other hand a webmaster that charges $100/hr may cause you nervousness because you may want them to hurry on the job, something the webmaster may not want to do. Of course once the site is done, how often do you want to pay the price when updates are needed.

You may opt for a reasonable $60/hr webmaster, with descent experience and is willing to cut breaks here and there just to keep your business. They exist.

On your end to get the cost effective price here is what to do: Write down specification.  Write everything down  in the process called, ‘Specifications’

a. Create a FlowChart to describe the navigation of the site.
b. Explain what pages are need and their purposes
c. Explain functionality?
– What do you need programming.
– Do you need a shopping cart?
– Do you need way to collect information?
– Do you need password protected directories.

The more your write down and detailed you get, the better you can take bids for the best price.
Any questions, let me know.

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